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Divide and conquer with Micro Frontends
Vishal Sharma, Lead Front-End Engineer at ThoughtWorks

Modern web applications are often comprised of complex and feature-loaded frontends that sit on top of a micro service architecture. Over time, this frontend layer evolves and grows as features are added, slowing the development and delivery process and making the apps difficult to maintain.

Micro Frontend is a design paradigm that helps scale team development processes to deliver complex frontends. The term “Micro Frontends” extends the concepts of micro services to the frontend world, with the idea of a website or web app as a composition of features owned by independent teams. The approach allows teams to develop multiple micro frontends in parallel and keep the domain responsibility within a bounded context. It also empowers users to transform existing legacy applications in a gradual manner by rebuilding the app in parts.

In this talk, Vishal Sharma will discuss more about micro frontends including integration techniques, technical considerations and advise on team structures and how to best split teams to achieve the desired results. He brings over 9 years of experience in building high-performance front-end applications, including bootstrapping projects using micro frontends within the ThoughtWorks community.

Apr 26, 2023 05:00 PM in Paris

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